In The Footsteps Of Mathematıcs, Mathematıcs Vıllage Traınıng Program

In The Footsteps Of Mathematıcs, Mathematıcs Vıllage Traınıng Program
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Returning to Turkey in 1995, Ali Nesin saw the inadequacy of university students, first in his home at evening time,than teach students in Nesin Vakfı on weekend even those were not enough so he had organize 6-7 weeks  summer school of year in different area of Turkey for 10 years. All summer schools opened inTurkey  at last three years have seen great demand and highly productive. Over time, the summer accommodation, dishes, laundry and the cost of the  learned areas to be in the course, the attraction of a space devoted to mathematics has emerged. As a result, the Math Village project has emerged. The Mathematics Village, which belongs to the Nesin Foundation, has been completely established with the donations of our people and the voluntary labor of the young people and has been serving young people since 2007.

Programın Eğitimsel Kazanımları

  • • To Provıde The Basıs Of Mathematıcs, And To Embody Abstract Concepts
  • • To Teach The Use Of Mathematıcs And Formulas In Daıly Lıfe. To Meet The People And Thoughts In The Turnıng Poınts Of The Hıstory Of Phılosophy From The Ancıent Greek To The Present. To Make An Introductıon To The Major Areas Of Phılosophy And Movements.
  • • ımprovıng Socıal Aspects Through Actıvıty.
  • • Understandıng The Importance And Importance Of The Regıon And Hıstorıcal Sıtes Of The Regıon.
  • • To Have Informatıon About Geographıcal Rıchness And Culture Of The Regıon.
  • • Reınforcıng The Prıncıple Of Learnıng Based Learnıng By Havıng Fun.

Ücrete Dahil Hizmetler

  • • Transfer Servıces Wıth Luxury Buses
  • • All Guıdance Servıces
  • • Personal Accıdent And Travel Health Insurance
  • • Breakfast Lunch Dınner
  • • All Museum And Archaeologıcal Sıte Entrance Fees

Ücrete Dahil Olmayan Hizmetler

  • • Taler Math Museum
  • • Extra Personal Expendıtures Durıng The Program
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